Semarang, Indonesia – Copyright Infringement Claim on Computer Software Licence


A&CO Law Office, representing an American computer software company that focuses on
3D & 2D Product Lifecycle Management software, won a case on copyright infringement
committed by manufacture company in Solo, Central Java (“The Manufacture Company”), a
company engaged in the mold & dies manufacturing industry, in mid-January 2022.
The Manufacture Company has allegedly used the software for commercial purposes
without the consent / or valid licence from the company that owns the software.
The Panel of Judges of the Commercial Court of the Semarang District Court presided by
Aloysius Prihartono Bayuaji S.H., M.H., rendered a decision on the claim on Tuesday 18
January 2022 with the following rulings:

  1. To grant the Plaintiff’s Claim in Part;
  2. To declare that the Defendant has infringed the copyright, in the form of the plaintiff’s
    economic rights, by using the Plaintiff’s computer programs for the Defendant’s
    commercial interest without the consent or a valid license from the Plaintiff as the
    copyright holder;
  3. To order the Defendant to pay for compensation for the material damages to the
    Plaintiff in the amount of IDR 1,577,631,103.62 (one billion five hundred seventy-
    seven million six hundred thirty-one thousand one hundred and three Rupiah and
    sixty two cents Rupiah) (by calculating the middle exchange rate of the United States
    of America against Bank Indonesia Rupiah when this claim was filed, i.e. USD1 =
  4. To order the Defendant to pay court fees, which to date have been determined at Rp
    890,500 (eight hundred ninety thousand and five hundred Rupiah);
  5. To reject the remaining points of the claim filed by the Plaintiff.

With regard to the Decision rendered by the Commercial Court of the Semarang District
Court, The Manufacture Company filed a cassation to the Supreme Court; however, on 5
April 2022, the Supreme Court rejected the cassation and continued to uphold the decision
of the Commercial Court of the Semarang District Court. Therefore, the decision is final and



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