Areas of Practice


We are experienced in all aspects of establishing, managing and protecting all IP aspects including trademarks, patents, industrial designs and copyrights. We combine practical, efficient advice and cost-effective legal services for a broad range of IP issues because we understand that your IP are valuable assets that help define your unique corporate identity. We have handled IP Portfolios on behalf of a broad range of clients including software industries, food and beverages, education services, fashions, IT companies, telecommunications, financial services, pharmacies and consumer products. Indonesia is currently a member of the Madrid Protocol, making Indonesia the 100th member state under the treaty. One of the advantages is that trademark owners in Indonesia are now able to file an International Trademark Application to seek protection of their trademarks in any other member countries. As a registered intellectual property agent in Indonesia, A&CO is capable of assisting Indonesian trademark owners for worldwide protections.


We work closely with clients in the development of effective enforcement strategies for their intellectual property portfolios, and in the defense of enforcement actions. We have a strong anti-counterfeiting team where since our earliest establishment we have been retained by several worlds’ largest software manufacturers to carry out software license anti-counterfeiting projects in Indonesia. In addition, we have experiences in representing clients as plaintiff and defendant in trademark cancellation cases before the Commercial Court and the Supreme Court.


A&CO’s litigation team has extensive experiences in providing pieces of legal advice and litigation services in relation to debt recovery. We offer the clients efficiency, together with the skills & expertise of a professional legal team. Before initiating legal actions, we provide credit control services such as issuing letters of demand before the legal actions, company’s background search service, credit reports and status reports.


We provide advice on Bankruptcy Law and proceedings in the Commercial Court. In addition, we have represented clients as applicants, creditors or debtors in bankruptcy and suspension of debt payments applications in the Commercial and Supreme Courts, and have had considerable experiences in representing multinational finance & leasing companies, insurance companies, multinational electronic manufacturer companies, land & property developers and IT developer companies at creditors’ meetings during the periods of suspension of payments and bankruptcy.


We provide services in establishing companies or joint ventures and investment structures across various industrial and service sectors. We assist clients in obtaining governmental approvals and licenses required to do businesses in Indonesia. We also advise businesses on general compliance and day-to-day legal issues.


We assist clients with a broad range of corporate transaction services, including the drafting of joint venture agreements, commercial agreements, and related transaction agreements where we will provide our advice based on practice, regulatory and compliance matters.


We provide a wide variety of legal services to new and established franchisors and franchisees. We have extensive experience in all phases of franchise law, including government regulations, franchise agreements, corporations and terminations. Additionally, we have experiences in helping business owners translate their ideas into franchise systems. We assist in the exploitation of rights through licensing and franchising agreements. Our team understands how to establish franchise systems, protect the intellectual property involved and comply with the government’s regulations on franchising.


We can advise clients on a wide range of corporate employment matters, including rights and obligations between employers and employees, expatriate work permits, visas and residency requirements. We can also advise clients on workers’ compensation, immigration and employment litigation before an administrative agency or in court.

We advise multinationals, investment funds, private equity funds, venture capitalists, strategic investors, vulture funds and domestic corporations on all types of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transactions. Our service includes advice on compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, due diligence, structuring, document preparation and relevant implementation processes (including liaising with government agencies, public notaries, as well as tax and financial advisors).


We counsel clients on a variety of alternative dispute resolution methods in an effort to minimize the time, difficulties and expenses often encountered in connection with the case, while at the same time eagerly advocating for and protecting our clients’ interests. Whenever possible, we make every effort to resolve issues by an agreement; However, we are also experienced litigators where we are able to provide comprehensive advice and draft pleadings and applications at all stages of litigation, acting for commercial plaintiffs and defendants in civil proceedings in the District Courts, Courts of Appeal, and the Supreme Court and Judicial Review levels.


We are experienced in assessing both routine and complex criminal litigation issues. We assist clients in going through a criminal litigation process, from accompanying clients to file a police report to defending clients in the criminal court proceedings.


We represent clients in all aspects of family law, customizing our approach to the client’s specific circumstances, including annulment, divorce, custody and parenting time, property division and inheritance law.