We are experienced in all aspects of establishing, managing and protecting trademarks. We combine practical, efficient advice and cost-effective legal services for a broad range of intellectual property issues because we understand that your trademarks and service marks are invaluable assets that help define your unique corporate identity.

Our practice includes all stages of copyright law as follow:

  • Advising clients on copyright protection in Indonesia
  • Preparing and prosecuting applications for copyright registration
  • Conducting due diligence investigations
  • Acquiring and licensing copyrights
  • Enforcing copyrights and resolving copyright disputes
  • Negotiating and drafting development, licensing and other agreements related to copyrightable works
  • Prosecuting and defending copyright notice and takedown claims

We carry out industrial designs searching and prosecute industrial design applications in Indonesia. We also file oppositions to third party design application or rebuttals against third party’s opposition to the client’s design application. If the Design Examiner issues a notice of rejection to the client’s design application, we will file a response to the rejection with the Indonesian Design Office.

We conduct every kind of patent searching, including inventor-name searches, company-name searches, patentability searches, infringement searches and validity searches. Our expertise includes mechanical, electrical, chemical, biological and materials. Industry expertise is wide ranging, including biotechnology/life sciences, medical devices, digital devices, renewable energy, business methods, plastics and automotive
Our patent attorneys prosecute patent applications in Indonesia and every other country in the world. The prosecution of patent applications involves extensive interaction with the patent examiners within the Indonesian Patent Office.

We prosecute plant variety protection applications in Indonesia and correspond with the Indonesian Plant Variety Protection Office with regard to the client’s application.

We work closely with clients in the development of effective enforcement strategies for their intellectual property portfolios, and also in the defense of enforcement actions.

Our litigators have handled every type of intellectual property dispute, including trademark infringement, trademark, copyright, design and patent violations. Our firm is based in Jakarta but our practice is national in scope.

We focus on achieving practical and cost effective results. Each case is unique and we carry out a great effort at the start to assess the merits and risks, discuss business objectives and design a litigation strategy to best meet your needs. Whether the case is large or small, complex or straightforward, we can put together a litigation plan and appropriate staffing. We are also flexible on our billing arrangements.


We represent clients in all aspects of family law, customizing our approach to the client’s specific circumstances, including annulment, divorce, custody and parenting time, property division and inheritance law.

We counsel clients on a variety of alternative dispute resolution methods in an effort to minimize the time, difficulties and expenses often encountered in connection with the case, while at the same time eagerly advocating for and protecting our clients’ interests. Whenever possible, we make every effort to resolve issues by an agreement; however, we are experienced litigators who are able to effectively try those cases that cannot be settled. 

We are experienced at assessing both routine and complex criminal litigation issues. We assist clients going through a criminal litigation process from accompanying the clients to file a police report to defending the clients in the criminal court proceedings.


We provide services in establishing a company or joint ventures and investment structures across various industrial and service sectors. We assist clients in obtaining governmental approvals and licenses required to do businesses in Indonesia. We advise businesses on general compliance and day-to-day legal issues.

We handle transactions with a wide range of valuations for both private and public businesses in M&A transactions from due diligence to closing documents located across the nation. Our team of experienced M&A attorneys is carefully coordinated to promote efficiency and responsiveness so we are able to assist our clients in all aspects of the transaction in a prompt and cost-effective manner, regardless of the size, location and complexity of the issues.

We advise you on workers’ compensation, immigration and employment litigation before an administrative agency or in court. we work with you in advance of a difficult decision to reduce your risk and ensure your workplace is effectively and efficiently managed. 


We provide a wide variety of legal services to new and established franchisors and franchisees. We have experience in all phases of franchise law, including government regulations, franchise agreements, corporation and terminations.

Additionally, we have experience in helping business owners translate their ideas into franchise systems. We assist in the exploitation of rights through licensing and franchising agreements. Our team understands how to establish franchise systems, protect the intellectual property involved and comply with the government’s regulations on franchising.  

We counsel businesses and offer compliance programs on a wide variety of unfair business competition issues, including monopolization, joint ventures, pricing strategies, trade restraint, and market allocations. Our litigators represent clients in unfair business competition litigation before the Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition (KPPU) and the Indonesian courts.

We provide advice to business doers about consumers rights in accordance to consumers protection law in Indonesia.

We will work with you to make sure your advertising and marketing says everything it can and should be about your products and services. We can also assist you to be in compliance with use of intellectual property, product labeling guidelines, unfair business competition claims, sweepstakes and promotions regulations.